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Save thousands for less than $40

You live in an earthquake zone. You own or are thinking of buying a home. Is earthquake insurance right for you? Which house is more at risk from earthquake damage? Get informed with OpenHazards. Make the right decision.

Seismic Safety ReportHomeowner? Your earthquake insurance premium could be $1500 a year, with a 15 percent deductible -- $45,000 on a $300,000 home. Your policy won't pay a cent until you exceed the deductible.

Based on information you provide, OpenHazards' Seismic Safety Report gives customized, detailed information about your likely financial losses due to future earthquakes for one property. It also includes tips on reducing risks from earthquakes and information about structural retrofits to strengthen your home.

Just $39.95 buys one report with quarterly updates for a year.

Seismic Safety ReportHomebuyer? OpenHazards' Seismic Safety Property Comparison provides a quick, convenient study of the risk of damage and financial loss from earthquakes for up to four properties.

See one property for just $19.95, or compare two addresses for $26.95, three for $33.95, or four for $39.95.

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