How can I safeguard my home from wildfires?

First of all, take the usual precautions that any homeowner takes to reduce the chances of a house fire. In an area susceptible to wildfires, however, homeowners have to be especially vigilant. Create a 100-ft. safety zone around your house and other structures by keeping your property clear of dead vegetation and flammable debris (trash, recyclables, etc.). This includes storing firewood at least 100 feet away from the house. Do not allow vines to grow on the sides of structures. Regularly clean the roof and gutters. Clean your chimney once a year. Make sure that you have a garden hose long enough to reach all parts of your house and that you have a source of water available (pool, pond, cistern, fire hydrant, etc.). Follow local burning regulations. Clearly mark all entrances to your property and display your address in a prominent place, so fire vehicles can easily get to your home.

Contributing sources: FEMA, U.S. Forest Service

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