How can I prepare children for an earthquake?

If earthquakes scare us because we feel out of control, think how much more true this must be for children, who already must depend on adults for so much of their lives. It is important to spend time with children in your care before the next earthquake to explain why earthquakes occur. Involve them in developing your disaster plan, prepare disaster supplies kits, and practice “drop, cover, and hold on.” Consider simulating post-earthquake conditions by going without electricity or tap water. After the earthquake, remember that children will be under great stress. They may be frightened, their routine will probably be disrupted, and the aftershocks won’t let them forget the experience. Adults tend to leave their children in order to deal with the many demands of the emergency, but this can be devastating to children. Extra contact and support from parents in the early days will pay off later. Whenever possible, include them in the recovery process.

Create Disaster Supplies Kits: A Special Note About Children.
This is a link to Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country. Look for the section "A special note about children" at the bottom of the page.

Preparing Children for an Earthquake (Checklist)
A checklist (PDF) for preparing children for an earthquake.

A child's view of earthquakes and feelings through the ABCs
A word for each letter of the alphabet that describes something about earthquakes.

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