Is there any way to predict where the next big earthquake is likely to occur?

Right now, an accurate prediction of the location of the next major earthquake is not possible. However, regions of high probability for the next large earthquake can be identified and mapped. In fact, the Personal Earthquake Forecast tool (under the Tools tab) here on this web site can display the probability that a major earthquake will occur within 50 miles of any location you choose.

If you're really curious, we also offer a more powerful tool called the Earthquake Viewer that you can use to find earthquake probabilities in regions of any size. John has written blogs (here and here) explaining how to use the Earthquake Viewer. On that tool, you can click on the bar that says "Select Forecast", and you will see a color contour map of major earthquake probabilities for any location on earth.

What are the chances an earthquake could hit your favorite locations? Make a One-Step Earthquake Forecast here.
To see locations of current major earthquakes, go the Hazards Viewer and click on one of the Earth globes on the right hand side.
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