An alternative for wood shake roofs

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An alternative for wood shake roofs

Though wood shake roofs aren't one of the more popular roofing materials, they are much more commonplace in mountainous regions. That's because wood shake roofs give homes a very certain look. Homes in the mountains blend in with their surroundings better when the roofs are made of wood. Of course there is an obvious down side to wood shake roofs. Wood is flammable. Wood shake roofs are much more susceptible to wind-driven embers. Typically, wood shake roofs are coated with fire-resistant chemicals. Over time these chemicals wash off and lose their effectiveness. Over time wood shake roofs are also more susceptible to rot and pests. A wood shake roof can serve you well, but only if it is well maintained. And a wood shake roof is among the hardest to keep maintained. Fortunately, there is an alternative for homeowners who wish to keep that natural, rustic look of a wood shake roof without the hassle.

Polymer roofing tiles

Polymer roofing tiles are a type of synthetic shingle. Essentially, they are manufactured to look just like wood shakes but without the drawbacks.

For one, polymer roofing tiles have a class A fire rating. They simply won't catch fire. And unlike wood shake roofs which require periodic retreatment with fire-retardant chemicals, polymer roofing tiles retain their class A fire rating for the entire duration of their lifespan.

Fire isn't the only thing polymer roofing tiles are impervious to. Temperatures can drop very low in the mountains and polymer tiles aren't susceptible to freeze/thaw cycles that can damage other roofs such as wood shake roofs. The polymer tiles don't expand and contract when the temperatures freeze and thaw. Polymer roofs are also impact resistant and maintenance free. They are even resistant to color fade which can lessen the appearance of other roofs over time.

Whether you're replacing an old wood shake roof that has worn out or simply considering having a wood shake roof installed, don't rule out polymer roofing tiles. They can give you the natural look you want for your home without giving you the problems that normally come along with it.

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