How to help the victims of the Japan earthquake

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A powerful 8.9 earthquake shook Japan at 2:46 pm on Friday, the strongest earthquake ever recorded in its history. It's the fifth-largest earthquake ever recorded.

Striking off of Honshu, Japan's most heavily populated island and approximately 200 miles from Tokyo, the quake is already responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people and a tsunami that could strike the West Coast of the U.S. sometime today. Reuters is reporting that the death toll in Japan could exceed 1,000.

To reconnect with missing loved ones in the region, Google's Person Finder is a good place to start.

As more information on the extent of the damage comes in, President Obama has already released a statement , offering the United States' support.

In the meantime, here are several ways you can help:

  • Convoy of Hope's Disaster Response team established connection with in-country partners who have been impacted by the damage and are identifying the needs and areas where Convoy of Hope may be of the greatest assistance. The best way to help is to donate online at or text TSUNAMI to 50555 to donate $10 to Convoy of Hope's Disaster Response efforts.
  • has already launched the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund, raising funds which they plan to distribute to various efforts in the region.
  • International Medical Corps is responding to the health needs of the disaster's victims.
  • The Red Cross is asking for $10 donations to their relief efforts in Japan online or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to donate from your phone.
  • Save the Children is moving quickly to address the situation there. Donations to their Children's Emergency Fund will support this effort.
  • World Vision has also announced global mobilization in response to tsunami warnings. To help, consider making a donation to their World Vision's Disaster Response Fund.


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Japan is a place where there are constant earthquakes. Fortunately, the government is well prepared according to the data in Review. It is very good to have a lifeline to help and everyone should contribute.

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