How can you live in.....?

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Sometimes when visiting out-of-state relatives on holiday I’m asked…

“How can you live in California with all those earthquakes?” 

Usually I smile and joke about getting ocean front property in Arizona.

I came across these FEMA maps the other day.  The one above shows the U.S. counties declared Presidential disaster areas from 2000 to 2007.  The one below shows U.S. counties declared disasters in 2011 alone.

Geez, it looks to me like California hardly has a lock on Nature’s wrath.

Perhaps next time when I get that earthquake remark I should reply:

---“How can you live in Florida with all those hurricanes?” 

---“How can you live in Kansas with all those tornados?” 

---“How can you live in Minnesota with all those blizzards?” 

---“How can you live in New York with all those ice storms?” 

---“How can you live in Maine with all those Nor’easters?” 

---“How can you live in Arizona with all those dust storms?” 

---“How can you live in Hawaii with all those volcanoes?” 

---“How can you live in Colorado with all those wild fires?” 

---“How can you live in Alaska with all those tsunamis?” 

---“How can you live in Texas with all those droughts?” 

---“How can you live in Missouri with all those floods?” 

---“How can you live in New Mexico with all those lightning storms?” 

Naw, maybe not.  I think that I’ll just smile and joke about ocean front property.

Steven N. Ward  Santa Cruz



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